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New Year, New Worlds!

Happy holidays from us at ReachXR! As we go into the new year we thought we'd make this post about some updates and insights we'd like to share from the last month.

Firstly, we're proud to announce that we are now building on Monaverse, we put our Neo Tokyo preview scene together in time for the Mona livestream challenge and we're stoked to be named amongst the winners of the challenge!

For our livestream, we decided to host a live collaborative painting in Multi Brush, which is often where we do our ideation with clients and team members. The theme for the live paintathon was to create an alien or biomech park to go with our sci-fi inspired Neo Tokyo scene. The resulting piece will then be uploaded to Mona as a world in its own right and minted as an NFT.

Live painted scene in Multi Brush

We are also moving forward with developing concepts for our Neo Tokyo world and cross-metaverse quest. We will be sharing updates as soon as we release new features and scenes.

Basel Week:

ReachXR also attended Basel week in Miami at the beginning of the month, after a week of conferences, art shows and events, we put together the main takeaways and trends we picked up on and will be paying attention to as we go into 2023:

. There is a real emphasis on the importance of building during the downtime in the market: people who are using this time to focus on their product and roadmap are the ones who are serious about their business and vision - it's only real players still left in the game!

Pay attention to the needs of your clients and your audience, craft exceptional experiences for them, your effort will show and it will pay off! . The digital fashion & wearables industry is stronger than ever and is growing at a rapid pace. Wearables are creating new avenues for self expression and creativity as well as brand presence on Metaverse platforms. It’s likely wearables will be the trend that actually catalyzes broader metaverse adoption!

It's not just fashion brands that should be paying attention to this: any brand should start creating brand or event specific wearables as collectibles for their audience to enhance community engagement and brand recognition in the Metaverse. . Even though conferences themselves were much quieter with less attendees/booths, NFT, metaverse and digital fashion projects took the spotlight, creating a lot of buzz & attention. Companies such as and Monaverse featured particularly prominently throughout Basel week with Spacial announcing their new Unity SDK on the digital fashion panel at Decentral and Monaverse having multiple activations and events around Miami including the announcement of their rocket NFT partnership.

We at ReachXR can't wait to explore these new building tools for Spacial as we offer new worlds and platforms to build and create events and experiences on! . The blue chip NFT projects are still building and delivering exceptional value to their communities, some of the IRL events we attended in Miami were outstanding! The Doodles and Goblintown events were some of the most well crafted in terms of creating unique and engaging experiences.

These are the projects to pay attention to as far as longevity and ongoing value. . Over the last few years we have seen more integration of digital art during Basel, art week itself becoming part tech and crypto week. It seems like a natural addition, given that Miami has also become a hub for emerging tech as well as the arts. although interestingly the high ticket items are still physical works of art and are still being bought up by top collectors at premium prices.

Could this mean more tokenization of physical assets and more fractonalized ownership options? Do traditional art collectors still need more education around digital art and NFT's? And are we seeing a whole new collector base emerging with the new and increasingly relevant digital art market?

Highlight reel of our Mona build with the live stream challenge in Multi Brush.

See you all in the new year, lets have a successful 2023, keep building and keep creating! If you'd like to build with us or come on our podcast, get in touch here:

Hazel Griffiths

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