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Your guide to metamask & Decemtaland: part 2

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

So now you have Metamask set up, hopefully you’ve familiarized yourself with the interface and the safety protocols - yay! Welcome to web3, you are now ready for your Metaverse journey!

First go to Decentraland here you can choose to download the desktop client or open Decentraland in your browser. For now we will use the ‘open in browser’ option.

Now click on the ‘continue with wallet’ option. You can sign in as a guest but as we mentioned in the last tutorial, you will need your wallet to collect your wearables and POAP (proof of attendance).

You will be presented with a list of wallet options, click on the MetaMask option. You will now get the MetaMask window pop up asking you to connect, click ‘next’ then connect.

Now you will get a terms of service window, scroll all the way down through the terms (I know, it’s a lot) then click ‘accept’.

** Tip: in the event you get a ‘wallet is locked’ message on the screen like the one pictured below and the retry button isn’t working, sign into your wallet then refresh the page and sign the transaction in your wallet.

⬆️ After signing in and refreshing the page you can go ahead and sign the transaction.

Profile and Avatar:

Now you can fill in your profile then click next.

You will now be shown your avatar customization page. Now’s your chance to be whoever you want, or be yourself, whatever, the choice is yours!

The various items can be found along the top, you can customize the body type, head, hair, top etc.

Here is also where your wearables will appear if you have either bought them off the marketplace or if they have been dropped into your wallet.

Your new wearable will appear in one of the clothing categories: head, top, body etc depending on the item. For instance if it’s a t-shirt, it will appear under the ‘top’ tab.

So now we have customized our avatar, click ‘done’.

If you’d just like to hop in and have a gander then start at the genesis plaza. Click ‘got it’ to enter!

Note: if you are entering via a link, all of the above steps will be the same but you will be taken right to the event or space.

Before you go off exploring, here a few navigation tips:

At the bottom left corner you can press any of these icons to chat, message or emote.

Navigation Guide: Here is a quick guide to use the navigation keys.

.Use the W.S.A.D keys to move around.

.V to switch from first to second person.

.I to open the backpack.

.B to open and close the emotes menu.

.N to show the avatar’s name.

.U to hide the Decentraland UI.

.Press escape to unlock the worldview which is locked to your avatar’s view when you click on the world.

.And C to open this control panel should you need a refresher on the key and mouse controls.

** You can also use your arrow keys + mouse to navigate.

Events and spaces:

On the other side of the fountain you will find 3 pillars with events and world lists:

These are classic spaces, trending spaces and specific events. You can click on an event or space to enter.

That’s it! You are now an official Metaverse explorer!

Tip: play in the fountain…

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